painfull fantasy or beautiful obssession?


Ahhh I dunno I don’t really have a best friend haha. But…well, I guess I would have run away more quickly for fear of rage and revenge? Dae seemed a bit slow on his feet :P And what about Zelo? He could have been used to get Himchannie wet instead. The fact they used Dae twice suggests he quite enjoys it.

Zelo aticipated himself so maybe that’s why they used Daehyun twice? And yeah, he can be slow at running away after pranking someone, but that wasn’t a prank. He was asked to do it and so he agreed and did it. No need to run there. 


fkdsjfdkslf but he looked like he was enjoying himself way too much lol

Well, wouldn’t you be all giggly when your best friend asked you to throw water at him/her? Because I would. Getting yourself under cold ice water is laughable to be, because who rational thinking would do that to him-/herself? It can put your body into something bad, from simple flue to thermal shock.

And most of people describe best friend as the one who laughes the loudest and the longest when you trip over your own feet while walking, but helps you up nothenless. 

Can we please not treat Ice Bucket Challenge this instrumental, like only wanting to see your bias wet? We can already see these on concerts actually, when the challege is about serious matter and beside throwing cold ice water at yourself it involves awareness of the disease and donating to the charity who helps people with that special disease.

So, if couple of members took the challenge it doesn’t mean the whole band need to anticipate. And even if the whole company will anticipate that doesn’t mean fans are compelled to do it with them.

After all, the campaign is about you and if / how you want to help. No other way. 


the worst part of getting out of bed is losing all the heat you had built up


I don’t care how hot you are, if your personality is shit your physical appearance automatically means nothing

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Kyungsoo with his little friends ♥

Chef Kyungsoo making a Strawberry cake 

namoo kkun


these two…


development of fandom jokes; mama ➝ overdose

xiumin in the bed - die jungs bts